Tech Media Marketing, Inc.  offers various effective strategies for Online Internet Behavioral Advertisng to maximimize your website exposure for your business and industry in your local market area.

Retargeting and Pixel Targeting Behvioral Internet Marketing are the most effective Online Advertising Strategies.


Also referred to as Real Estate Internet Remarketing, Small Business and Real Estate Internet Retargeting is a service which “Retargets” your website visitors with Advertisements for your services when they visit popular national websites or when they are on popular social media sites like Facebook.  Our Participating Network of thousands of national websites will pull banner ads for your company when previous visitors to your website visit national sites like Yahoo Finance, Major Newspaper Websites,  Sports, Etc…

Retargeting is an effective way to get previous website visitors back to your website. Statistics show that repeat website visitors are more likely to buy your product or servcie than first time website visitors.

Here’s a scenario – a potential client visits your website then leaves. Later that night they are on facebook or any one of a network of thousands of websites and WHAM! – they see ads for your business or special offer, they click on the ad and now they are back on your website. Statistics show that repeat visitors to a website have a much higher percentage chance of purchasing a product or service than first time visitors.

Retargeting helps maintain awareness of a website throughout the buying cycle. By reaching out to website visitors multiple times after they leave a website, it increase the chances that the website visitor will come back and do business with the company again.

Internet Retargeting works amazingly well along with Tech Media Marketing Inc.’s  Real Estate Conversion Driver Service. The Retargeting Ads can link to the Real Estate Conversion Driver Website which offers the leverage to motivate the potential client to schedule a face to face meeting and walk into your place of business. We can help you convert your website visitors and transform the cyber realtionship into a REAL ONE!

Pixel Targeting™ – Online Behavioral Marketing

Today’s shoppers visit hundreds of websites and spend countless hours researching products and services they are in the market for. All of this research creates a trail of data as internet shoppers decide on the next purchase. Tech Media Marketing purchases this data and delivers ads to these qualified prospects in real time as they shop.

Clients get the best results because ads are delivered to people who are actively searching for a product or service a company offers, but haven’t heard of the company or visited the company website. Gotta love technology, right?

Paid Ad Campaign Management – Pay-Per Click Advertising

We can mange your Paid Advertising to maximize the number of click throughs to your website for the least amount.  You set the amount you want to budget for pay per click advertising on google or facebook and we research the optimum keywords and manage the campaign for you.  We charge a flat rate fee to manage your online advertising for you.

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