Season 1 I-I mean, I knew you would. She is a deranged graduate student who stalks and kidnaps one of her professors, Maeve Donovan, as revenge for rejecting her doctoral thesis. Roger Roycewood | Crimes In the episode "Weeping Willow", she played the role of Willow, a kidnapped video blogger, likely based on lonelygirl15. Diane, I offered you a deal, and you can still take it. Rhett Walden | In April 2006, Trachtenberg guest-starred in the episode of House, "Safe". : Adam Rain | Diane Turner James Barrett | The BAU goes to Turner's apartment, and find a gift for Reid, a blindfold, referencing a story Reid had told Donovan about being blindfolded and beaten up by bullies in high school. : Ben Davis | Mitchell Crossford | Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you're on the go. Dr. Spencer Reid Hayman Vasher | : Bobby Putnam | Izzy Rogers | Can can you tell me what's going on? She then proceeds to kiss Reid and, noting his lack of passion, she realizes he is lying, and during the resultant struggle with the gun, Diane shoots the ceiling, prompting the rest of the team to come on scene. Diane Turner : Sorry." The Stripping Bandit | Rodney Garrett | Diane, how could it be anyone else? Jason Clark Battle | Jeremy Sayer | The Believers | When she did, she blitz-attacked them in their apartments in order to subdue them before taking them over to a secondary location. Alex Zorgen | I understand. Mr. Scratch | To be with you. When the BAU arrive to interrogate Bobby, Diane leaves the room, addressing Reid as "Doctor" and asking him what is going on. Diane Turner Mary Meadows | : To be honest, I was distracted by your thesis. Adam Jackson | Sid Rutledge | Owen Porter | In March 2011, she was the featured cover girl in Maxim. Randy Jacobs | While the team. Diane Turner Jamal Abaza | Peter Harper | I know what's waiting for me outsides. The Tommy Killer | Trachtenberg found further success on the WB supernatural drama television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (20002003) as Dawn Summers, the younger sister of the show's eponymous protagonist, a role which won her another Young Artist Award and earned her three Saturn Award nominations. Elgin Family | His ability to take those secrets, bring them to life, and literally scare people to death, makes him a deeply disturbing character in the show. : George Kelling | Owen McGregor | Diane Turner is the main antagonist of the Criminal Minds episode "Zugzwang". Dr. Spencer Reid Cory Bridges | Paul Silvano | Lynch appeared in eight episodes over the course of eleven years of the show from 2006 to 2017 and was even the subject of a multi-episode arc that involved her character being kidnapped in season 12. : Ryan Phillips | If what you have is valuable enough, the federal government will work with you. Diane Turner You see, when men cheat, it's below the belt, but when women cheat, it's above the neck. Clark Preston | Juliette Weaver | James Thomas | Nazi scientists were recruited for the Manhattan Project. : It's not fun, is it? Filming & Production Bobby Putnam You can't see that I'm a genius! The Central Park Ripper | Raoul Whalen | It took me a long time. Diane felt unappreciated and ignored, and when Maeve rejected her thesis, she became obsessed with possessing everything Maeve had. Benjamin David Merva | Young"s character never had a major crime-related storyline during her time on the show, a welcome break from the often-tragic fates of BAU family members. Justin Franco | After stalking Maeve for months and entering into a relationship with her ex, Trachtenburg's Diane kidnaps Bobby and Diane. Just let us go, damn it! She also displayed severe narcissistic and psychopathic traits, as well as suicidal ideation. Bill Rogers | : Related: Jamie Kennedy's "Lucky" Is One Of Criminal Minds' Most Disturbing Killers. [17] She appeared on The CW hit show Gossip Girl, as Georgina Sparks, who recently left rehab and brings back the dark past Serena van der Woodsen desperately wants to leave behind. After hunting her for ten months, after stealing her man, I had to stop and say, what is so freakin' special about her? Outside of its lucid portrayal of its serial killers like Jamie Kennedy's cannibal "Lucky" or C. Thomas Howell's "The Reaper," the bleakness of the show's storylines was often balanced out by the interplay between the BAU itself. She was portrayed by Michelle Trachtenberg. Dr. Spencer Reid In the summer of 2000, she took on the role of Dawn Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, remaining in the role until the show ended in 2003. He sporadically appeared as FBI analyst Kevin Lynch from 2007 to 2014, most notably as the love interest to fellow analyst Penelope Garcia. She reprised the role on June 16, 2011, and in the series finale on July 21, 2011. Allen Archer | Glen Hill | It turns out Diane believes Beth is responsible for rejecting her doctoral thesis because it contained references to Turner's parents and their double suicide. He's supposed to be someone people can trust with their secrets. Diane Turner is the seventh of only nine unsubs in the show's history to have successfully completed their goal. He was the leader of a group of rogue Sheriff's Deputies, with whom he conspired to kill their Sheriff. That stupid FBI agent is the reason why you're still alive. [5] She later attended Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California. Vincent Rowlings | Colin Bramwell | Charles Johnson | Modus Operandi Bryan Hughes | Dr. Maeve Donovan Paul Larson | James O'Neill | Thomas Merton. Asher Douglas | : Not true. Vincent Perotta | : [12] She then starred in the short-lived television series Meego, which garnered her a Young Artist Award. : William Lynch, Season 14 She kills Bobby and then arranges an exchange with Reid, who wants to trade himself for Maeve. If you're gonna kill me, you kill me, but I am not jumping, because I want to live long enough to see Spencer arrest you. Marcus Younger | While her introductory episode was dramatic enough, she returned for another appearance at the end of the season, this time as a victim of kidnapping. Diane rants about how she did not understand what was so special about Maeve until she saw her bond with Reid. On June 28, 2011, Trachtenberg guest-starred on Weeds during its seventh season, starring as Emma, a pot dealer. Diane stalked Maeve and Bobby for ten months before abducting them. Ian Doyle | Before she joined the Washington D.C. political scene in Shonda Rhimes' TGIT hit "Scandal," Bellamy Young had a brief eight-episode appearance in seasons seven and eight on "Criminal Minds" as Beth Clemmons, SSA Aaron Hotchner's first girlfriend following the brutal murder of his wife. Frank Breitkopf | Will Summers, Season 6 From Jane Lynch to Elle Fanning, these are some celebrities who have appeared on the show. Not much is revealed about Diane, other than she was raised, and possibly born, in Atlanta, Georgia. Mike Janeczko | Please. As Reid pleads for Maeve's life, Diane gets him to admit that he would die for Maeve, to which Maeve mentions Thomas Merton, a writer Reid and herself bonded over. Gabriel Merza | Meanwhile, at the apartment she shares with Bobby, Diane has poured Bobby a glass of wine and dressed herself in clothes she took from Maeve's closet. If you are going to edit a lot, then make yourself a user and login. Diane Turner Dr. Spencer Reid Carl Buford | She then appeared in her first credited role, starring as Nona F. Mecklenberg on the Nickelodeon series The Adventures of Pete & Pete, which ran from 1994 until 1996. Trachtenberg's film career began in 1996 with the title role in Harriet the Spy, for which she had to leave The Adventures of Pete & Pete while its third season was running. : Sorry. Lana Trachtenberg (mother)Michael Trachtenberg (father)Irene Trachtenberg (sister)Unnamed grandparents : Michael Hastings | Prince of Darkness | Jon Kanak | Amber Canardo | No. Dr. Maeve Donovan Sam Burnett 1 episode, 2015 Sherilyn Fenn . Me for her. : : Toby Whitewood | The Reaper | He sees you as his equal. He uses his inside knowledge to taunt the team members and kill BAU Section Chief Erin Strauss (Jayne Atkinson). [4], She was raised with her older sister, Irene, in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, where she attended junior high school at The Bay Academy for the Arts and Sciences. While Diane Turner only appeared in one episode, her actions impacted Reid in a major way, as the death of Maeve would haunt him in the seasons to come. During the mid-2000s, she had starring roles in the films EuroTrip (2004) and Ice Princess (2005) and supporting roles in the films Mysterious Skin (2004) and Black Christmas (2006). Michelle Christine Trachtenberg StalkerAbductorUnclassified Killer That in fact the game Prometheus Cat Adams was excited to play with Reid, very much akin to their first "date" at Harry and Glenn's. Using Reid's wristwatch to mind the time, the incarcerated. The agent sees him and believes him to be her stalker, and calls Donovan to warn her off. Kaman Scott | L.D.S.K. Fresh off his six-year run on the hit sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle," teen star Frankie Muniz appeared as a graphic novel author suffering from a psychotic breakdown after the murder of his pregnant fiance in season three of the show. That's why you're doing this? Floyd Hansen | Diane, Diane, there's still a way out of this. I did read it. Darlene Beckett | Diane Turner Kyle Zorgen | The Campus Killer | Jacob Dawes | Well, I'm here because I'm not going to leave you. In the Criminal Minds episode "Zugzwang", Trachtenberg played Diane Turner, the criminal stalker to Spencer Reid 's girlfriend, Maeve Donovan. This is Thesecret1070. Ben Foster | In the 2010s, Trachtenberg starred in several television films, including Killing Kennedy (2013) and Sister Cities (2015), and in the science fiction film The Scribbler (2014). Jeffrey Charles | Malcolm Ford | I'm sorry, Bobby. Here's Michelle Trachtenberg's Criminal Minds unsub Diane Turner explained, and how she left an unforgettable mark on the series. Blake Wells | Kenneth Roberts | She is a deranged graduate student who stalks and kidnaps one of her professors, Maeve Donovan, as revenge for rejecting her doctoral thesis. Lindsay Vaughn | Diane Turner Taras Yudin | Juliet Monroe | Hobby Say it again. Brian Stiller | Let her live with her irrelevancy. Justin Leu | Don't hurt him. Omar Morales | Mark Tolson | Lucky | While she was simultaneously playing the ruthless Sue Sylvester on "Glee," Jane Lynch was portraying the schizophrenic and caring mother to Dr. Spencer Reid, Diana Reid. When he woke up, he only seemed mildly irritated by the glass cuts. Nathan Harris | Turner kisses Reid, but notices his lack of enthusiasm and realizes that he is lying to her. Trachtenberg was raised in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, where she attended P.S. Esai Morales took on another law enforcement role for his appearance as Mateo Cruz. Coincidentally, future silver screen star Elle Fanning starred in the same episode as Cameron Monaghan in season two, only she was on the receiving end of Monaghan's terrifying character. Diane Turner Trachtenberg's film career began in 1996 when she landed the role as the titular character in Harriet the Spy. Goals Alan Crawford | Hugh Rollins | Just as you see me now!". Connor O'Brien | "She finally saw me. Stay back! David Smith | : Eddie Lee Wilcox | On June 9, 2011, Trachtenberg guest-starred on Love Bites as Jodie, a role which she reprised on June 16, 2011. Kyle Ecklund | Last Appearance Dr. Maeve Donovan Maybe you do have that gift. : That's it. By clicking Sign up, you agree to receive marketing emails from Insider : Benjamin Cyrus | The Messiah | Status Gavin Rossdale CBS The Bush frontman played a Goth rock musician with a vampiric alter-ego named Dante whose fans keep ending up dead on the fifth season of Criminal Minds. Occupation Nicholas Brendon, who played Xander Harris in the cult classic series took on an entirely new persona in "Criminal Minds." He knows. Evil-doer Josh Martin | I was hoping you'd figure out my riddle. Tony Canardo | : Jason Nelson | Aware that Putnam is still in love with Donovan, she convinces him to follow her on her date with Reid. Daniel Milworth | Arthur Brodie | Stalking and abductionShooting Mark Henshaw | Lindsay Vaughn | Weeks, Season 11 I just want her to see one more thing. Miles Hendrick | : Dr. Maeve Donovan Gina King | : The members of the BAU are often the victims of violent and disturbing crimes themselves, from attempted murders to kidnappings, but Spencer Reid's kidnapping by Tobias Hankle (James Van Der Beek) in season two is one for the books. Arthur Rykov | She also hosted the Discovery Kids series Truth or Scare, which ran from 2001 to 2003. : Shelley Chamberlain | Who's Thomas Merton? : Under the influence of his multiple personality disorder, Van Der Beek's Hankle captured and tortured Reid for days, and even got Reid addicted to narcotic Dilaudid before his rescue by the BAU. 23rd Street Killers | : : A 13-year-old Monaghan played Jeffrey Charles, the son of a small-town school counselor James Charles. Greg Phinney | Lindsay Vaughn | Powers / Skills Irene Jacobs | The Believers | Cheryl Kaline | Animal | Flattery is not gonna get you out of this. Turner's Group | [19] Trachtenberg appeared in the season-three finale and in season four. Hayden Rawlings | Melissa Miller | Dr. Maeve Donovan Nicole Jones | Marvin Caul | You just couldn't see. Patrick Sorenson | You've always been the runner-up in this pageant. In June 2012, she was cast in the film The Scribbler. Joy only made a physical appearance in season 10 and 11, but she has been continually mentioned in passing as the show has progressed. Ben Abner | : True Night, Season 4 : Steven Fitzgerald | : Dr. Spencer Reid John David Bates | And I know that all your life the people you care about the most keep leaving. She then starred in the short-lived TV series Meego, which, despite its short run, garnered her a Young Artist Award. Adrian Bale | Lewis Ramsey | "Criminal Minds" is about to debut its 15th season. Bobby Putnam : Will Sykes, Season 2 When Turner kidnaps Reid's girlfriend, chaos ensues as their dangerous love triangle implodes. Giuseppe Montolo | No. Reid puts it on and allows Turner to take him hostage. Cesar Jones | Go ahead, prove my theory. Michelle Trachtenberg played Diane Turner in the season eight episode titled "Zugzwang." She portrayed a stalker who was fixated on Dr. Spencer Reid's girlfriend, Maeve. Caleb Rossmore | In the same year, Trachtenberg was a guest star on Weeds during its seventh season,[23] portraying Emma, a rival pot dealer who causes problems for Silas Botwin. Trachtenberg is also of Jewish descent and her grandparents live in Israel. Benton Farland | Donovan finally remembers who Turner is, and tells her that the rejection of her thesis was not personal and that she is sorry for her parents' deaths. [9] She went on to feature in over 100 more commercials. I don't need her anymore. Michael Lee Peterson | Grace Lynch | Wait. In the late 2000s and early 2010s, her recurring role on the CW teen drama television series Gossip Girl (20082012) as socialite Georgina Sparks earned her further popularity, and she also starred on the NBC television series Mercy (20092010) as Chloe Payne. You know, I think your writing could put you on the same plane as Jonas Salk. "Star Wars" hero Mark Hamill traded in his Jedi status for serial killer status in season eight of "Criminal Minds" as The Replicator, a detail-oriented killer who is working from inside the FBI and most likely alongside the BAU. Muniz's Johnny McHale ended up responsible for a number of brutal killings. : John Curtis (Mark Hamil) Part of the memorability factor for John Curtis is that he's played by Mark Hamil. Charles Turner (father; deceased)Elizabeth Turner (mother; deceased)Bobby Putnam (fianc; deceased) : Chloe Donaghy | Diane Turner Surprisingly, CBS didn't have any luck trying to create spin-offs, with both attempts - Suspect Behavior and Beyond Borders - being proving short-lived. Thank you. Prove it. Diane Turner He's the one thing you can never take from us. Kevon Winters | Gary and Ervin Robles | Robert Adams | Diane Turner In her adulthood, Diane became a research assistant at Mendel University while Reid's love interest, Maeve Donovan, was working there; she would go on to stalk her. She also starred in the film Can't Be Heaven. :)Criminal Minds 8x12S8E12Staffel 8 Folge 12 Full Name : In 2009, she became a cast member on the NBC drama Mercy, but the series was not renewed for a second season. During the same period she played Lily Montgomery on the soap opera All My Children.[10][11]. Before she can send Donovan off the ledge, however, Reid shows her a written sign reading "Me For Her". Tucker Calhoun | He's super modern too, so his favorite movies include Jaws, Die Hard, The Thing, Ghostbusters and Batman. She later appeared on The CW hit show Gossip Girl as Georgina Sparks. 99 Elementary School and The Bay Academy for the Arts and Sciences. On January 16, 2013, Trachtenberg made a guest appearance on the CBS drama Criminal Minds as Diane Turner, the stalker of Reid's love interest Maeve Donovan. Who's Thomas Merton? Dr. Spencer Reid Dylan Kohler | Diane Turner You, however, are superfluous. I know that I am one. Hamill's character is eventually caught, but not before causing irreparable damage to the Bureau. The Angel Maker | In March 2005, Trachtenberg portrayed the titular character in the Walt Disney Pictures family comedy-drama film Ice Princess. Don Black | [13] She returned to film in 1999 for Inspector Gadget. After a brief standoff, Diane shoots both herself and Maeve in the head, leaving Reid devastated. | Claire Bates | Donna Mangold | as well as other partner offers and accept our. William Harris, Season 5 She then discloses that she followed Bobby on the night that he followed Maeve to the restaurant. Season Thirteen He is constantly referenced by remaining members of the BAU and even has a special mentor-mentee connection with Spencer Reid. Aaron Hotchner Stalk and kill Maeve Donovan (succeeded).Make Spencer Reid love her (failed). In December, she starred in Black Christmas, the remake of the 1974 slasher film of the same name. Gassner assisted the BAU in order to track down an unsub responsible for a series of murders in his home base of Oregon. Dr. Spencer Reid In the season four episode "Masterpiece," Alexander embodies Professor Rothchild, an academic and serial killer who willingly turns himself into the Behavioral Analysis Unit. : : lotto cake strain,

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